About Us


The Timeast Group is a holding company which mainly invests in the contractors and suppliers of petroleum/natural gas and chemical industry. The corporate was established in January, 2002 in Tianjin. through more than 10 years development, the Timeast Group already became a group which possesses 8 holding subsidiary companies.The subordinate business coverage is showed as follows:

Offshore Engineering: Submarine Pipeline Laying, Submarine Cable (Optical Fiber) Laying,Offshore Lifting and Facilities Installation,Submarine Pre/Post Trenching,Offshore Facilities Repairing and Maintenance.

Construction Services: Structure Construction, Piping System Production and Installation, Facilities Installation, I/E Installation and Commissioning.


Skids Manufacturing and Pipeline Prefabrication:Module Manufacturing, Prefabrication and Installation of Complete Sets of Equipment, Pipeline.


Submarine Pipeline Testing Service: Bolt Tightening and Flange Management, Hot Oil Flushing and Chemical Cleaning,

Nitrogen Service:Multifunctional Integrated Tube Bundles Testing, Submarine Pipeline Treatment, Submarine Pipeline Intelligent Inspection.



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